Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Meditation How To

Here is the meditation walk through I mentioned before. If you really want to master this awesome tool, you really need to make a commitment and practice. The benefits are better concentration, relaxation, better health, and an overall better (deeper) understanding of YOU. Enjoy...

  • Remember there is no wrong way or right way to meditate as long as you're getting the benefits. DO what feels peaceful and right to you. If you like music or an aromatic candle with your practice set those things up in your  quiet practice space. I recommend trying a few things to get your perfect practice.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, on the floor or in a chair. Whatever position your practice, keeping your back straight makes deep breath easier. If laying down works better for you make sure you're not so comfortable you fall asleep.
  • Start by closing your eyes.
  • Breathe in deeply, from your abdomen, feel your belly and rib cage fill with air as you inhale.
  • Release your breathe little by little, exhaling slowly.
  • Continue slow deep breaths. Concentrate on the cycle of breath filling your body and releasing. Be aware of the deep relaxation caused by renewing breath.
  • Be aware of the thoughts as they enter on your mind, acknowledge them (impassively) and let them pass with a breath. Refocus on your breathing.
  • If frustration comes (and it may), just be patient and let it pass. Overcoming the questioning, inner chatter, and distracting thoughts or surroundings is a major part of mastering your practice. Do not be discouraged. When doubt comes just breathe deeply and refocus your attention. Try to breathe in with a positive thought and then exhale with a positive thought. e.g. Breath in... peace...... breathe out.... focus.... breathe in peace.... breathe out focus. Use words or phrases that you want to bring into your life!
  • Your practice is over when you feel better, when your mind is quiet or calm. All it takes is five minutes to begin. Try to meditate in the same place and at the same time to begin with and add more time as you strengthen your practice.
Take Action! Give it a try today! The benefits are endless. If you missed the first post on pre-meditation tips, check it out here.


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